IP Reach - AlertGuard Pro

AlertGuard Pro a Product of Haupshy

Alert Guard Pro is the intelligent perimeter management system (IPMS) platform, provides capabilities to control and monitor security systems through centralized console management platform. Alert Guard Pro, allows the integration of different hardware systems working together under central management application. Alert Guard Pro evaluates data which is continuously collected from its sensors & subsystems and detects events in real time using its Virtual Human Intelligence (VHI) module. Continuous event monitoring allows operator to manage large amounts of information. AlertGuard Pro is capable to provide automatic classification of threats using tripwire module, as a result, operator’s efficiency will be noticeably increased. With the artificial intelligent feature, system learns over time and distinguishes between actual alarms and false ones. The system automatically displays standard protocol and guidelines for every situation and event. Resulting in faster decision-making and reduces response and acting time while improving response accuracy.
Features List
  • Open architecture scales from single site installations to border security solutions.,Supports industry standards, existing sensor and device protocols.,Utilizing multiple smart modules allow managing enterprise solutions under one umbrella.,Evaluates relevant data and detects events in real time.,Increases operator efficiency and provides better security, the continuous event monitoring allows operator to manage large amounts of information.,For every situation and event, the system will automatically display standard protocol and guidelines for the new situation.,Includes intelligent tool allowing creating sites by position sensors and camera showing coverage of the surveillance perimeter.,Records video data by defined string contains site, area, location, zone, date, time, camera ID, in order it can be easily retrieved through selective search criteria filter options.,The recording producers support multi-tasking sessions were video data can be recorded on transaction temporary media (DVR, NVR) to be transferred for recording later on master and permanent data storage (NAS/SAN…).,Supports camera specified auto archive data based on the captured video clips or snapped photos importance level which can be defined previously.,Auto Tracking Movement Position –ATMP,The system support event viewer monitoring which considered the entire system mirror that reflects system status.,Sustaining and Preventive Maintenance,The system supports full details reporting with wizard template for any needed info regarding the system event history.,Disaster Recovery: intelligent feature of smart data recovery in case of emergency.,Open platform architecture with universal protocols.,Supports full statistical reporting, it includes a set of pre-defined reports that can be modified and saved by the operators.