Connector for Sadad (C4SADAD) is a solution to integrate billers in Saudi aArabia with SADAD payment gateway. Our solution is designed for those involved in both public and private sectors, in need to deal with payments from individual, corporate, or governmental clients. SADAD services can be used either by Citizens or companies to speed up the payment process with minimal effort. C4SADAD comprises several tools which established it as superior to other e-payment systems. Clients can easily track their payment status updates at their leisure, while being provided with highly organized reports to grant them the ability to monitor different activities of their business, without missing even the smallest detail. C4SADAD also facilitates uploading bills and payments through simple, user-friendly interface that eases their work and thus lessens the work pressure. It is considered a great operational, time management, and workflow process tool that will allow clients to monitor and control every single step during its entire bill presentment process. we have many versions of the solution based on different technologies such as Microsoft .Net, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and IBM Web Sphere Application server.