EDF a Product of Royal Scientific Society

EDF stands for Electronic Document Flow system, EDF is a web based application; it can be accessed anytime from anywhere, it specified with memos and documents flow, so you can write any memo and send it to a specific person, and it will flow over the organization structure electronically. You can follow up, search, and send reminders for this memo any time.
Features List
  • Easy to use (user friendly).,Search for a memo (quick, advanced);,Memo can be sent to one or many recipients,Document flows over the organization's structure automatically.,Drafts, outgoing and upcoming memos.,Sending emails to the memos' recipients.,Ability to attach files with memos.,Categorizing, select the priority of the memos.,Unlimited memo body size applied with styles,Ability to give a secondary password for limited access,Reply, forward, archive memos.,Follow up the sent memos,View full comments written on the memos,Print the memos,Admin users,The EDF system is a bilingual (Arabic, English).,Interactive with Microsoft Office Word