EUniversity System a Product of Royal Scientific Society

The university education level is most of the time considered one of the most important pillars of measuring the evolution and efficiency of people at various levels in leading countries, but the efficiency of universities is not measured by the number of its graduates, or the number of its specialties only; it extends to be relying on of the efficiency of teaching and graduate-level scientific and practical. From here and to ensure this, the e-University management system has been built to formulate a complete integrated electronic university management system that facilitates the management of the registration process and provides students with the ability to register, follow, and plan their study. It supports the decision making process through rich selection of statistical reports, and It is integrated with the financial and administrative systems for the university . System Services: • Admission and Registration module. • Electronic Examinations module. • Missions and scholarships management module. • An evaluation system for faculty members by students. • A web-based electronic registration system for students • An electronic services system for faculty members. • An electronic services system for academic mentors. • An online quality evaluation system for education. • An electronic online services system for the parents’ follow-up of students. • A Fully integrated electronic Library system. • Fully integrated Financial and Administrative systems.
Features List
  • The system provides an electronic environment for the student to determine the courses he needs to register in each semester.,The system links the student directly with faculty members.,The system provides an easy way to access all annual reports, statistics, and formal letters related to all stakeholders (higher education, military service and other departments). ,The system helps decision-makers at the university to make quick decisions at the right time by providing statistics and reports of the current situation about the university