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MenaME MenaME Mobile a Product of MenaITech

"MenaME® Employee/ Manager Self Services (ESS/MSS) is a web-based solution that enables employees and managers to edit and view their HR-related information online. Employees appreciate this functionality because it involves them in their individual HR functions. HR professionals benefit because the system reduces the amount of phone calls and paperwork coming in and out of their departments. Furthermore, new hires can take responsibility for data entry and accuracy of their personal information. MenaME-Mobile® app is becoming the standard method of delivering employee self-service, yet is a very nice bonus to an already excellent service provided by MenaME® system due to the many different benefits it can provide to your organization. MenaME-Mobile® provides many of the basic features that MenaME® self-service module delivers, but through using smart phones or even tablets. "