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Natej ERP a Product of Natejsoft

Natejsoft Software technology consists of unified systems and solutions for advanced enterprise resource planning (ERPs), and a wide variety of solutions that suit various business sectors, which can be used as separate models or as integrated information systems that serve the whole institution, and provide sufficient support for the business activities execution. Our software solutions ensure easily usage of entering, updating, storing, sharing, retrieving data and resources and activities by clients. Our confidence came from our experts’ ability to give the best solutions, so we named on our system (Natej ERP). Our services cover a wide range of software solutions that can be applied to various business sectors, where the company seeks to provide flexible solutions that can be allocated, designed and adapted to suit our customers’ different needs and requirements. To ensure the integration of these services, the company provides many special solutions many companies do not have. Business sectors and technology have witnessed clear developments in the ranges and boundaries that have managed to overcome, so that it exceeded the limits of the traditional offices to move into wider space. From there, Natejsoft proceeded to develop software systems that upgraded their level to convoy with the modern use of technology and applications based on the Internet. The company is specialized with wide expertise in this field; it contributed to the development and provision of software solutions for applications that depend on the Internet. Natejsoft succeeded in linking the Short Message Services (SMS) and wireless communication technologies (GPS, GPRS, RFID, Smart Solutions, Mobility Solutions) with the central databases. In addition, Natejsoft succeeded in developing database solutions and cloud systems. Natejsoft products include sets of software solutions that serve a wide range of business, where Natejsoft ERP is specialized with general features shared by all its sub-systems .