IP Reach - docuTRAK

docuTRAK a Product of Image Technologies ITEC

docuTRAK is an out-of-the-box correspondence management solution. It is an enterprise solution that is based on the hierarchy of the organization structure maintaining flexibility, scalability and reliability. docuTRAK provides rich correspondence records registration functionalities combined with comprehensive routing and “Tracking” capabilities that enable staff to collaborate efficiently and effectively while maintaining absolute security & accountability. docuTRAK provides users with advanced workflow capabilities that incorporate special features such as Consult, Auto-Assign and more. Additionally, docuTRAK provides supervisors with the ability to monitor their subordinates’ inboxes, and distribute work load to other staff. Moreover, docuTRAK has a unique Document Broadcast module and a secure Digital Signature module based on iPAD platform.
Features List
  • Correspondence Management,Internal memo management,Correspondence tracking,Correspondence Task assignment,Correspondence management for SharePoint,Document routing,Correspondence registration (Incoming/Outgoing),Digital Signatures,Digital broadcasts distr